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We are taking on the most challenging environmental problem caused by desertification through sustainable and innovative philanthropy  

The Gobi Desert is rapidly expanding by overtaking 3,600 square km or 1,390 square miles of grassland every year. That’s roughly equivalent to 3 times the size of New York City. The sand from the desert gets picked up by the wind and pose serious health hazard in the region affecting China, South Korea and Japan.

Smart Way of Giving by Supporting a Market Creating Philanthropy

Your philanthropic contribution will not only bolster our reforestation initiative but also establish fresh economic opportunities for the local community, thereby fostering their development and ensuring the long-term sustainability of both the community and the forest. We provide an assurance of tree survival and diligently oversee their growth, from seedling to maturity, for every donation made.

planting trees as part reforestation process

Creating Value Network

value network of reforestation project

Observe how your contribution evolves into an expanded network of value, encompassing elements such as irrigation, enhanced water tables, the development of organic fertilizers, the establishment of seedling nurseries, landscaping initiatives, and the diversification of tree species, among other enhancements.

Engrave Your Name
in Calligraphy As a Beacon of Support

As an expression of gratitude for your generous act, we will confer a distinctive and unique certificate, meticulously rendered in calligraphic artistry, featuring your name. This certificate is adorned with the distinguished mark and seal of the Great Khan, which you may proudly showcase on display.

Engrave your name in hand-drawn calligraphy

The truly enlightened understands that the measure of your worth and your deeds will be the seeds that they have sowed

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